This is a blog I’ve set up to try to get used to writing about scientific topics. My aim is to at least once a month write a ~1.5k word article about something or somewhere which has interested me that month.

In each post, I’ll try to link to where I got my information from. Unfortunately as some of the material is offline I’ll occasionally be unable to link directly to the primary source I used and so I’ll attempt to link to an alternative source. Hopefully, by linking to the original source material this should provide space for additional reading (should you be interested in one of the topics too!) and if you’d like to check something I’ve said. On this note please don’t take what I write as gospel! I’m only human, and this is in my free time with limited resources so I may make mistakes.

I aim to visit as many of the places featured as possible, however time and monetary constraints mean this may not always be possible. This leads to different styles forming; In Patagonia for instance, I aim to provide a broad overview, while in The Yorkshire Dales having seen the rocks first hand I’m able to go into finer detail.